Power Tools for Disciple Making in Children’s Ministry


Every discipline has it’s own tools of the trade. Hairstylists help people look great with shampoo, scissors, and sculpting gel. Accountants make sure things add up using spreadsheets, calculators, and complex formulas. Mechanics tinker with cars using cabinets full of precision instruments. Florists create beautiful arrangements with clippers, wire, and toile. Athletes compete using bats, …

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10 Thanksgiving/Christmas Ideas


Are you looking for some unique theme nights for Thanksgiving and Christmas? How about these? 1. THANKS NIGHT Game to play: Turkey Spell – Tape four large sheets of paper to the floor near the center of the Game Square. You will need 6 players from each team to participate. (If you do not have …

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Move Forward with Focus

Move Forward With Focus

Have you ever watched Olympic gymnastics? These athletes consistently demonstrate unthinkable feats of strength and coordination. Gymnasts are groomed from an early age to swing freely through monkey bars, to execute perfect somersaults and cartwheels, and to walk the balance beam flawlessly. Some people are naturally gifted in these feats of precision; others (like me) …

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