Minimal Love = Minimal Ministry …Let Love Lead


This article originally printed in KidzMatter Magazine (January/February 2014). Reposted with permission. Getting started in children’s ministry is easy; sticking with it is much more difficult. It’s not uncommon for a new children’s ministry pastor or leader to experience a wonderful “honeymoon” phase followed by a “Hey, I didn’t sign up for this!” season. As the first fiscal …

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Recruiting: It’s Not What You Know


My first summer leading children’s and student ministries was painful. School ended the week after we taught on Exodus…and, no kidding, then all my leaders left for vacation! Some of the kids and families headed out of town too, but most stuck around week in and week out. It was hard to find help and fill …

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A Plan for the Gospel


Or actually, let’s call this A Plan to Share the Gospel. Because the truth is we can’t plan for someone to respond to the gospel. Children (and adults) react differently. We cannot predict what child will trust Christ when. But we can plan opportunities to share the gospel with the kids in our clubs. Like …

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