BASE Sports: Why Sports Ministry?

Base Sports - Why Sports Ministry?

One of the blessings of ministry is the friends you make. Those friendships are often built around common goals or shared vision. It’s our experience that those kind of friendships last. From time to time, we like to use our blog as a platform to introduce some of those friends to you. BASE sports is …

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Review … Review … Review

Review … Review … Review We all know that the more times our clubbers repeat a verse or a concept, the more likely they are to remember it. We all have favorite review games/activities – but here are some other ideas that maybe you haven’t done. You might find them to be a lot of …

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10 Conversation Starters

Ten Conversation Starters

Some blog posts take several hours to write. Some don’t take very long – once I get an idea. This one, however, is a post that’s been in development for many years. An Awana Ministry Conference workshop I do is called “Connecting with Parents.” One of the things we talk about is conversation starters. Most …

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Ready to Add Mozo to Your Team?


Right about now, most teams are preparing to wind down for the ministry year. Kids are working hard to finish their books and planning out how they’ll spend their stockpile of Awana bucks, and awards night is just around the corner. If we’re honest, there are also more than a few leaders counting down the …

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