10 Reasons You Should be an Awana Leader

10 Reasons You Should be an Awana Leader

Today our guest is Marc Fry, Director of His Generation (the Children and Student Ministry)  at Westbrook Christian Church, Bolingbrook, Illinois. Marc has been involved with Awana for the past 18 years as a commander, leader, pastor, line judge, circle director, quizmaster and parent. Marc shares with us Ten Reasons You Should Be An Awana Leader.

1. Being an Awana leader gives you the perfect excuse to act like a kid yourself … after all, you’re working with kids!

2. Whether intentional or not, you will begin to memorize Bible verses as you help your kids during Handbook Time.

3. You get to spend time every week with other like-minded and tremendous adult and student leaders.

4. You get to share a Bible verse every time someone asks you what “that Awana” on your shirt stands for.

5. As a leader, you have every right to wear funny hair, pajamas out of the house, goofy hats and whatever other things you do for theme nights.

6. You’ll begin to meet the parents of your Awana kids and have an opportunity to build a relationship with them as well as their child.

7. Even if you have been passed over for the baseball team, basketball team, soccer team or any other team, you get to coach your heart out every week during Game Time.

8. You get to see the growth (physically, emotionally and spiritually) of your kids from Puggles age on up.

9. Often you’ll be allowed to see that you, by being in one of the kids’ lives, made a difference.

10. You’ll be granted tremendous knowledge and privilege of knowing what you did in Awana has an eternal impact!

The previous nine reasons?

Just added benefits!