10 Steps for Effective Scripture Memory

As you can imagine, many people ask Art Rorheim (co-founder of Awana) how best to memorize Scripture. And as you can imagine, Art has an answer.

Here are some of the tips he gives people who want to be great memorizers.

1. Read it!

Read the context around the verse to see what the verse is really teaching and how it’s relevant to you. Do a Bible study on the verses. If you believe these verses can transform you, you will not need anyone to point out the value of Scripture.

2. Write it!

Write down the verse on an index card. Include the Bible reference at the beginning and the end. Carry this card around with you at all times.

3. Speak it!

Read the verse out loud at least 7 times a day. Hearing the verse out loud is also helpful in visualizing the verse and remembering it.

4. Hear it!

Record, video and/or listen to Scripture each day over and over. You can also put the verse to music or sing the verse to a familiar tune.

5. Divide it!

Divide the verse into sections. Start with the first phrase and learn it. Then memorize the second phrase. Now see if you can say the first two phrases without looking. When you can, memorize the third phrase. Continue until you’ve memorized the entire verse.

6. Memorize it!

Work on it until you have it down word perfect.

7. Repeat it!

Repeat the verse or verses with the reference before and after. This will help you remember not only the verse but also where it is found.

8. Recite with a group!

Set a specific time when a group of you will recite the verse or verses each week. Practicing with others will be very helpful.

9. Design it!

Write out the Scripture in an artistic way … then display for the others to see and be transformed.

10. Review it!

Review your verses as you go to sleep at night. If you wake up in the night, focus on the verse or verses you are learning. (Psalm 16:7)