15 Ways to Make Christmas Meaningful (Part 1)

Are you looking for some meaningful activities to do with your kids this Christmas? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Read a different Christmas storybook each day. You can find books in your church library, your public library or you can start a personal collection. (Some books fictionalize Luke 2 – challenge your child to point out what is made up and what the Bible actually says. For instance, the wise men came to Joseph and Mary’s house – not the manger.)
  1. Reach kids with the gospel through Awana. Give to The Greatest Gift at awana.org/thegreatestgift
  1. Collect gift cards during the year (some stores give them out when you buy certain products) and with your children, hand them out to homeless people at Christmas.
  1. Limit the “getting” and emphasize the “giving.” (The average amount of money a parent spends on a child is $271 and one in 10 parents spend more than $500. Today)
  1. Choose a passage of Scripture to memorize together. This could be verses from Matthew 1-2, Luke 1- 2 or you could memorize Isaiah 9:6. Explain to your child that Isaiah lived more than 600 years before Christ was born.
  1. Do a family service project. You could ask the kids for suggestions – you might be surprised at how creative they are in planning the perfect project.
  1. Make cookies for people who have to work on Christmas: police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, etc. (And this year, church staff – since Christmas is on a Sunday.)
  1. Teach your kids one of the classic carols. Sometimes kids don’t have the opportunity to sing some of the old favorites. Talk about the words and what they mean.
  1. Plan activities that focus on family togetherness, not more screen time.
  1. Open Christmas cards around the dinner table, read any Christmas letters together and pray for the people who sent them.
  1. Make and deliver a meal to a busy single parent who is struggling to keep up with responsibilities.
  1. Or, offer to babysit for a busy single parent to give him/her opportunity for some Christmas shopping.
  1. Take your kids grocery shopping and allow them to choose food for a food bank (even better if they use their own money).
  1. Study the Old Testament verses that foretell Christ’s birth: Isaiah 7:14; Isaiah 9:6a-7; Micah 5:2.
  1. Choose to have a thankful, generous attitude yourself. Kids are watching us.