8 Fun Christmas-Themed Game Ideas

8 Fun Christmas-Themed Game Ideas

Just a few more weeks until Christmas.  You might be looking for some Christmas-themed games to play in club. Here are eight fun suggestions – some for younger kids and some for older.

Let the games begin!

  1. Fill the Stocking. Give the first member of each team a large Christmas stocking. Place a box filled with a variety of small items in the center of the Game Square. At the signal, the first person runs into the center, grabs one item out of the box, puts it in the stocking and runs back to his starting pin, where he hands the stocking to the second player. This player continues the game by running into the center, grabbing an item, putting it into the stocking and racing back to hand the stocking to the third player. Play continues until each team member has put an item in the stocking. When the last player on each team has placed an item in his stocking, he runs back to his color line and raises his hand. The first team to finish wins.


  1. The Unwrapping Game. Buy some small toys or candy. Wrap one. Add another toy and wrap both items in a different color of wrapping paper. Add the third toy and wrap all three with another pattern of wrapping paper. Continue until you wrap several toys. Kids sit in a circle. Play music (carols are a great choice). When the music stops, the child holding the package gets to unwrap one toy/candy and keep it. Continue until all layers are unwrapped. (Once a child gets a toy/candy, he sits out for the rest of the game. You may want to do two rounds of this so everyone gets a treat.)


  1. The Unwrapping Game #2. Wrap a bag of candy or other treat and continue wrapping in several layers of paper. Same as above, music plays and each time it stops, a layer is unwrapped. The last person (who unwraps the treat) gets to walk around and share with other kids.


  1. Stocking Secrets. You will need four felt or flannel Christmas stockings. (Kids should not be able to see through the material.) Fill the stockings with 15 or so small objects relating to Christmas. For example, you could use a candle, a candy cane, a bell, an ornament, a toy snowman, etc. Each player on the team is given 30 seconds to feel the objects inside the stocking. Make sure the kids do not see what they touch. Teams will need a pencil and paper so that they can write down the objects they identify. The team that identifies the most objects is the winner. The more objects, of course, the more difficult the game.


  1. Candy Cane Relay. Three players per team get in “sprint relay” position. Each has a real or plastic candy cane. At the signal, first player runs two laps, then hooks his or her candy cane onto the next player’s candy cane. The second player runs two laps with both candy canes and then hooks both canes onto the third player’s cane. The third player runs two laps with all three canes and then goes into the middle for the pin. (If the runner drops the cane or one cane falls from another, he must stop and link them back together before he keeps running.)


  1. Tinsel Run. Teams line up single file behind the starting line, with first player holding a piece of tinsel. Opposite each team is a pin or chair. At the signal, the first player runs around the chair and back. When he or she reaches the starting line, the second player grabs onto the tinsel, and both run around the chair, returning for the third player. Play continues until the entire team is holding onto the tinsel. First team to get back across the starting line wins.


  1. Candy Cane Hockey. You will need four inflatable candy canes and a foam ball. (Candy canes can usually be purchased at discount stores.) The foam ball is placed in the middle of the Game Square. One kid from each team stands in the center circle with a candy cane. At the signal, the players try to bat the foam ball over their color line. The player to do so wins points for his team.


  1. Picture Puzzle. (Works for older elementary and up.) Have an easel (or several – depending on the size of your group) with a supply of paper and markers. Two members of a team pair up – a “describer” and an “artist.” The describer stands behind the easel and is hidden from the artist.  The “describer” is given a Christmas object (bell, ornament, candy cane, etc.) Audience is also allowed to see what it is. The one holding the object must then describe to the artist what he is to draw. The describer is not allowed to say the name of the object or the name of any part of the object. Nor can he specifically describe what he is holding such as: “This is something you hang on a tree.” He can only give instructions for drawing. “Draw a circle. Put a j-shaped line at the top of the circle. Draw some squiggly lines through the circle, etc.” If the drawer guesses what he’s drawing within 30 seconds, his team gets points. (Even if he doesn’t guess, it is still fun to see the finished product created from someone’s instructions.)