8 Ideas for A Successful Back-to-Awana Night

As you look ahead to the new Awana ministry year, you’re probably considering increasing your club attendance and recruiting additional leaders. Your parents may be thinking about registering their children or taking a more active role in your church’s Awana program. Hold a Back-to-Awana night to let your congregation know about your club, and get leaders and families involved.

There is no one way to hold the event. But to be successful, your Back-to-Awana night must be set up for leaders, parents, youth and children to easily learn about your Awana program and get their questions answered.

Consider these 8 ideas for a fantastic Back-to-Awana night.

 Set up some tables and display literature about Awana and pictures you’ve taken of kids in club. Have a couple of leaders available to answer questions.
 Pull out your Awana Grand Prix track and cars and let kids experience the fun of racing.
 Use your Awana Game Square and invite kids to play the most popular games.
 Create a small-group atmosphere and gather kids around for a Cubbies, Sparks or T&T small group time. If you have Awana youth groups in your church, offer a Trek or Journey small group discussion time.
 If your club is involved in missions projects, invite your local missionary to attend your event or display some of the Awana Global Outreach resources, available on awana.org and in the Awana Store.
 Shop the Awana Store for promotional items, including a welcome booklet, brochure shells, posters, a banner, Awana tablecloths and more. Many of these items are packaged in a promotional kit.
 Have handbooks, leader guides and parent guides on hand for people to look through. Make sure that someone is available to explain the items and answer questions.
 Give out mementos of the evening and remind people of your Awana club. Awana pencils and pens are an inexpensive gift. For your returning families, give them a sheet of Awana Family Decals; they’re on sale!


For more ideas — and to share your own with others — go to Awana Facebook Page. To find items for your Back-to-Awana needs, go to awana.org/store.

Have a great Awana Clubs year!