Awana Provides Aid in Nepal

You probably already know about the earthquake that devastated Nepal at the end of last month. Many of us at Awana were brought to our knees in prayer when we heard the news.

You may have also seen our Facebook post asking others to join us in prayer for Nepal. It was the most liked post our Facebook Page has had.

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What you may not know is that Awana has been active in Nepal since 1996. Currently, there are 1,881 active Awana clubs in Nepal with more than 39,000 children participating, and a lot of that is because of God’s work through Gajendra Tamang.

Gajendra is the Awana missionary in Nepal, and it’s because of his passion to reach kids with the Gospel that the Awana program is thriving in that country (though Gajendra would give all the praise back to God).

Recently, Gajendra has spent most of his time overseeing the raising of a building that will be a combination church/school/hostel located just outside Kathmandu.

When the earthquake hit, Gajendra was visiting relatives in the eastern part of Nepal, placing him and his family much further from the epicenter than they would have been.

Gajendra and team packing a truck with supplies

The Awana team packing a truck with supplies

Over last weekend (May 2 and 3),  Gajendra, along with several other Awana missionaries working in Nepal and some volunteers (including two Americans from a supporting church in Georgia), provided food and tents for 200 families in the Nuwakot and Lalitpur Districts of Nepal.

In Nuwakot, 52 people are reported dead and 300 are injured. Among the dead is one Awana clubber. Gajendra met with the clubbers parents, Awana leader, and pastor, and he prayed with them. The team went on to distribute food, tents, and Bibles to 100 families—half of whom are Christian and half are not.

Awana clubber carries a blanket and food

Awana clubber carries a blanket and food

Gajendra has received many phone calls from ministry team members in other districts needing help. One village, with 125 families, was completely destroyed. The one church in that village, an Awana church, was also demolished. To help out that community, Gajendra and Awana are providing tents and a metal roof (made of 8 sheets of 8 foot long tin) to go over the tents so they can hold church when the raining season begins in the next 4 weeks.

Distributing tents, blankets, and food to families who lost their homes

Distributing tents, blankets, and food to families who lost their homes

Gajendra is working on upcoming trainings this week, but he will continue to mobilize his volunteers to help provide relief work throughout the country of Nepal.

There is still much to do and much opportunity to advance God’s Kingdom in Nepal through this tragedy.

Consider making a donation right now to help Gajendra provide resources to the people in Nepal who have been devastated by this tragedy.

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