Can Young Elementary Kids Serve in Church?

Yes, of course they can.

Here are some suggestions.

* Picking up litter after church – drop candy wrappers, discarded worship folders, etc.

* Collect communion used communion cups. Whether they’re throwaways or glass, someone has to collect them.

* Help the ushers pass out the worship folders, bulletins or programs.

* Play or sing a solo or a group musical number. This could be offertory in the main auditorium or it could be in children’s church. Look for opportunities for kids to use their talents.

* Ask a strong reader, to do the Scripture reading for the service. (Of course, you want to make sure he practices well before the big day.)

* Have them help you organized the kid’s room closet. Give them a specific task – going through the crayons and sorting by color and setting aside those all those little pieces (to melt together later multi-colored crayons).

* Welcome new kids (or adults). Teach kids to be friendly to visitors … and a kid welcoming an adult will get the newcomer’s attention!

* Drawing pictures, outlining the message for a bulletin board display.

* Picking up litter outside around the church yard.

* Setting up, taking down chairs … especially kid-sized chairs.

* Hand out fliers or anything else that needs to be passed out.

* Plant flowers. Twenty years ago, first graders at one church all planted tulips around the church sign. Some of those kids are married now … but every spring they can see the tulips they planted as kids.

What are some ways kids have served in your church?