Encouraging Leaders

Encouraging Leaders

Paul reminds us that we are to encourage one another. As he wrote to the Romans: … that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine. (Romans 1:12)

We are midway through the Awana year – a great time to give some of that encouragement to your leaders.

Here are some ways I’ve been encouraged and ways I have encouraged others.

*Send notes thanking your volunteers for their service. Mention something specific that you’ve especially appreciated.

*Keep your phone or small notepad with you. When volunteers mention some things happening in their lives, write it down, let them know you’re praying for them, and remember to ask about it during the upcoming days and weeks.

*Have the kids make thank-you cards for their leaders. (Make sure all leaders get the same amount of cards – you also might want to read them to check that nothing mean or weird is said.)

*Invite them for an impromptu breakfast on a Saturday morning. No ministry talk – just a get-to-know you time. (Make it simple, donuts, fruit, bagels). Have a beginning and an ending time so they know it won’t cut into their day.

*Give them a small surprise gift:

*a key chain: “because you’re one of the keys in our fun club.”

*a group picture framed: “without you our picture would not be complete.”

*a pack of Post-it®notes with a thank-you on the first note.

*Share compliments parents give your club.

*Take time to talk with your leaders and take an interest in their lives.

*Do something special for them – clean off their car on a snowy night; take them a meal, mow their lawn.

*Give a simple, straightforward thank-you, looking them in the eye and sincerely telling them how much you appreciate their service.

Please comment and add ways others have encouraged you or you have been encouraged.