Free Download! 11 Ways to Care for Your Soul

Free Download! 11 Ways to Care for Your Soul

Over the past year, I have spent a lot of time traveling across the country and asking many children’s and youth ministry leaders to choose one word that best describes their soul. The following book outlines the 11 most commonly used words that I discovered on this journey.

The topic of soul care is a conversation that every single children’s and youth ministry leader needs to contemplate. It has impact on why we do ministry and even how long we will do ministry. For most of my travels, I flew on an airplane. As we backed up from the gate, the safety briefing began explaining that when the oxygen masks fall from the bulkhead, we need to make sure we put on our own first and then assist others.

Over the next 11 chapters, let’s go on a journey together to put that oxygen mask on, ask some questions, and do some much-needed reflection. Why? Because our kids and students need us to spend time taking care of our souls, so that we can be even more effective at helping them learn how to take care of their own.

11 Ways to Care for Your Soul

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