When I Grow Up—5 Ways to Help Kids do Missions Today

My heart for missions began at a young age because of the influence and example of my parents. Starting when I was 7 years old, my parents were flying across oceans to faraway lands doing momentous things! Every year, they would take a two week trip to bring the gospel to broken countries and develop relationships with the people there. I didn’t understand every detail then, but I knew they were impacting lives and I looked up to them.

When I was 10 years old, I was able to go on my first mission trip! My eyes were opened even more and my heart grew for the nations. I have participated in many mission trips since that first trip. I am blessed to have seen the world with my very own eyes. I have met amazing people, experienced beautiful cultures, and supported ministries in their efforts to expand their reach.

My life was directly impacted because of the influence of my parents and my church. I understood God’s love for people at a very young age, and God developed and nurtured that in me consistently as I grew. Kids do have the capability to understand the needs around them and feel the Holy Spirit’s leading to do something! Because my parents and my church exposed me to a world that needs Jesus, I was forever changed. They believed that even the youngest could hear God’s Great Commission and feel compelled to obey.

This is where YOU come in. You have the opportunity to open the eyes of the kids and youth in your club and allow them to respond to God’s call! If you are reading this, you are probably looking for ways to do this very thing! Let me tell you about an amazing opportunity for you to expose your club to the impact they can make even now to change the world.

It’s called Missions Month—what an appropriate name, right? Missions Month takes a month out of your club year to dedicate to reaching kids around the world. It is intentional time and space to focus on missions and jump-start a new culture in your club. As the new year begins, there is no better time to generate energy and excitement around reaching other kids with the gospel. Your kids will take ownership of God’s Great Commission as they understand that there are kids just like themselves in nations around the world.

And it’s so easy to provide these opportunities with these 5 ways to help your kids be missionaries today!

Mobilize Your Kids

This year’s Missions Month Kit provides some easy teaching and themed activities that will leave your kids talking about the fun and impact they had long after the month is over. Get access to lessons, videos and more!

Special Theme Night  

The Great Escape is a BRAND NEW theme night released just in time for Missions Month. Take your kids on a journey to experience life as a refugee kid and see how God works in their life.

Love your community

People are dealing with difficult life situations in and out of the church doors. Challenge your club to find practical ways to serve your congregation and community during Missions Month.

Recite Scripture to Reach Kids

Recognizing that you have two primary types of kids attending club; ones that excel in scripture memory and those who love the excitement and competition of game time. A Verse-a-Thon event brings both together and is one of the most effective tools to do a global mission project as a club!

Include the Whole Church!

Host a Reach Kids Sunday and invite your whole church to get involved in Missions Month! Be challenged to extend your reach by giving generously to reach kids. Your kids can be a part of missions by casting global vision for your entire church!

You can receive all the free resources above and so much more when you sign up at awana.org/MissionsResource. Making use of this year’s Missions Month Kit makes it easy for you to make a big impact in the life of your kids AND kids around the world.

God has big plans for the lives of each of your clubbers. They have heard the gospel and are being discipled, now it’s time to bring that blessing to more kids! Give them the opportunity to respond in their love for Jesus by reaching others.