Happy Pastor Appreciation Month

Happy Pastor Appreciation Month

Happy Pastor Appreciation Month!

Pastor, we at Awana see you. We see how hard you work, how you pour yourselves out, how deeply you sacrifice to shepherd those under your care.

We see you on the front lines, first responders to every crisis—whether it impacts the nation or just one family. You are servants, prayer warriors, cheerleaders, counselors, teachers, shepherds, and the first followers of Jesus as you lead His churches and congregations.

We see your vision for your people, your community…and the world. We see your commitment to disciple, to teach, to hold out a light in the darkness.  

Awana wants to thank you for all you do, and all you pour into our communities. And we especially thank you for seeing the children. You have caught the vision, led the way, taken Jesus’ words seriously to let the little children come.

Without you, without your partnership, Awana could never impact the children of the world as we do today.  

You are making a tremendous difference. In your busy, unrelenting days of plowing, sowing, and tending, you may not see the fruit of the harvest. But can you imagine the year 2050? The leaders of 2050 are the children of today; the same children you are patiently, carefully nurturing right now.

Pastor, we at Awana pray for you, and we appreciate you. We care about you. It is our joy to honor you this month, and we commit to stay in the trenches with you as long as God allows.

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