When I Grow Up– Helping Kids Reach Kids Today

It can seem like a big task to teach kids to look beyond themselves, their feelings and perspectives, and opening their eyes to the needs around them. Our culture says “they’re just kids – you can’t expect them to be altruistic, right?” At Awana, we believe the answer to this is a big, ol’, YES YOU CAN. Why? Because we see it happen every day. Here are two of our favorite recent stories about kids reaching kids.

Emily attends an Awana Club in Appleton, Wisconsin. She has grown to know God and understand all that he has done for her, and now she wants to tell others about how much Jesus loves them too! Emily invites her friends to come to Awana and has a heart to reach the kids around her and in her community.

Cheyenne lives in Eureka, Montana. During T&T, Cheyenne decided she wanted to raise money for Awana Adopt-a-Club program. By hosting a bake sale she raised $380, making it possible for 38 other kids to attend Awana! At only 10 years old, Cheyenne reached kids around the world with the gospel in a practical way.

Awana Clubs across the country are filled with kids just like Emily and Cheyenne — kids who desire to witness to people in their community and across the globe so that they can find hope through the gospel. Kids don’t have to grow up to be a missionaries; they can be missionaries in exactly the place they’re in right now.  

So, how can you help? Kids look up to the adults in their life to show them what’s important.  You have the power to shape the culture of your club to be outward focused. Use the time you have every week to get the kids in your club to think outside of their four walls and the impact they can make on the world. Show them your heart for people who need to hear the gospel.  

We have put together some practical ways you can do this in a free downloadable pdf https://www.awana.org/missionsresource. Download and discover all the ways you can shape the culture of your club. Access this resource now, and we’ll follow up with you in January with more resources for you to access for the new year!

Kids are capable and awesome at reaching more kids. You can help them develop a thoughtful and compassionate mindset that produces practical actions. We’ve made it easy for you, and we’re praying and cheering for you as you dive in to help kids reach more kids!