Hope In Hard Places: Meet Eleven-Year-Old SophiaEleven-Year-Old Sophia

Hope In Hard Places: Meet Eleven-Year-Old Sophia

Childhood is fraught with silent risks, quietly eating away at boys and girls seeking to thrive.

Even children who appear to live in safety and security are vulnerable.

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Eleven-Year-Old Sophia has a home and a family. She spends her days at school with friends. There is enough money to pay the bills, and more. Yet Sophia suffers from depression and hopelessness.

Before turning 18, Sophia will witness 200,000 violent incidents on television, including 16,000 murders. Sexual images and messages inundate her daily, undermining her sense of self. Along with the majority of boys and girls, she was first exposed to pornography before the age of 12.

With the increasingly frenetic pace of modern life, Sophia spends less and less time at home with family. She feels alone, unsure how to forge her own identity, how to navigate the devastation she sees on the news, and the competitive teenage world of substance abuse, sexual pressure, and cyberbullying.

Abundance has not provided Sophia with peace. Mental health and social issues like drug abuse, depression, isolation, lack of focus and creativity, and an inability to feel empathy are common among her peers.

Even children like Sophia who appear to have it all suffer in body, mind, and spirit. In the extremes of poverty and abundance, all children need the healing hope of Jesus.

But with your partnership, children who were once invisible, overlooked and forgotten can be seen, known and loved. Bring hope to hard places by visiting awana.org/hope.

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Statistics on the U.S. child.

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    Janelle Stoermer 2 years

    Is Sophia a literal child, or a represtation of what children are facing?