Where is Jessica? The Global Adventures of an Awana Alumni

Where is Jessica? The Global Adventures of an Awana Alumni

Follow the Monthly Global Adventures of an Awana Alumni

As we start the great adventure connecting Awana Alumni, we have been blown away by the stories that we’ve heard!

From college kids to pastors to business owners to missionaries to professional baseball players- we’ve connected with people who share the common story of having Awana play a role in their life and are now doing great things for the Kingdom.

Jessica is an Awana Alumni who connected with us a few months ago to see how she could partner with us as she jumps into a crazy venture of traveling the world. Jessica is doing a 12-month working remote program, where she can work online, in 12 different countries, and experience everything about the country while she’s there.

When she sent us an email to see how she could partner, we got excited by the opportunity for an Awana Alumni to see Awana in the international field and meet up with some of our missionary friends around the world!

So, for the next 12 months, Jessica is going to share what she’s learning as she meets up with Awana friends around the world, learns about children’s ministry, and gives us an inside perspective of Awana global.

If you want to follow all of her adventures, check out her blog at: LifeLivedHere.com

If you’re an Awana Alumni, connect with us at awana.org/alumni! We’d love to hear your story!