Jump for Chocolate Joy

Jump for Chocolate Joy

A few weeks ago, we heard about a new version of the Cubbie theme song written by a Cubbie herself. Instead of singing, “We jump and shout for joy,” she sang, “We jump for chocolate joy.”

Any of us who are parents or who work with kids have those funny moments stuck in our memory – when a child says something that is hilariously entertaining.

But wait a minute – are those moments stuck in our memories? Or do we quickly forget  those one-of-a-kind phrases?

In Proverbs 17:22, we read, A merry heart does good, like medicine.”

God created words. God created children. And don’t children often make us merry with their use of words? In fact, many of their words and phrases are integrated into the family vocabulary and become words that only a family member would understand. Still others are tucked away in our brains forever.

Now, with social media, these phrases disappear even more quickly. We might put it out there for everyone to see, but the page quickly scrolls down and the phrase is lost in cyberspace.

Here are some ways to save those cute moments in your child’s life.

1. Buy a notebook for each of your kids. Attach a pen and put in a handy place. When a child says something cute or wise or asks a great question, write it down with the date.

On the way to church one Sunday, the little boy asked, “Can we stay for the tooth thing again?”  His parents were perplexed, not understanding what the “tooth thing” was, but the little boy insisted he wanted to stay for the TOOTH THING. “You know,” he said, “like we did last week.” Suddenly it dawned on the parents what he was asking. He wanted to stay for the second service – the t(wo)th thing.

2. Do you scrapbook? (Another noun that’s become a verb) Add the cute/wise sayings around the edges of the page.

Then there’s the boy who was saying the books of the Bible: “… Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Salamander …”

3. Keep a photo album of your kids (either on the computer or on your coffee table). Each month, add a kid quote.

Like the little boy who stood up to say his part in the Christmas program, looked at his mom and announced, “Mine hair is in mine eyes.”  He refused to say his part until someone fixed his hair. He grew up to be a pastor.

4. Keep a computer file of your kids’ funny sayings.

A Sparks leader was teaching his kids a new song, “Be Bold for Jesus” and asked if anyone new what it meant to be bold. “Oh, yes,” one Sparkie answered. “It’s when you don’t have any more hair.”

5. Buy a calendar with good-sized spaces for each day. When a child says something, write it in the space for the day. (And then remember to keep the calendar.)

6. Record your child. If he sings a song with mixed-up words – have him do it again on video.

7. Don’t neglect the funny things you hear at club. Are you a leader? Suggest to the leader that you keep a notebook in the Awana storage area where any leader can write down funny things he or she hears at club. How much fun it will be to look back in later years! Someday you might be able to “recycle” one of those sayings on a clubber’s graduation or wedding card.

Like the night a sixth grader had said several sections to me, but was now stuck on the very last word of the very last verse. The word was “man” and since she hadn’t had many helps through the several sections, I decided to give her a clue. “What your dad is?” I hinted.  Suddenly, she beamed and answered, “a pessimist!”

8. Digitally add your child’s funny saying to a favorite photo. Have it enlarged to poster size. You now have a fun – and personal – poster to display in your house.

Okay – you might need to be a Cub’s fan to get this one (and obviously this happened several years ago). A mom knew the Cubbies leader had been working on the Cubbies motto, so she asked her daughter to say it to her. Without hesitation, the little girl answered, “Go, Sammy Sosa.”

9. Print off the Facebook page where you shared your child’s quote – also print off the comments. Your child will appreciate it when he’s older – as long as you don’t share something that shouldn’t be shared!

A mom was helping her daughter, Katie, to learn her verse for Sparks. The verse was John 3:16.. After they repeated it several times, the mom said, “Now put YOUR name in the verse,” thinking her daughter would say “God so loves Katie.” Instead the little girl announced, “God is love. Katie 3:16

10. Thank God for the gift of children, the gift of words and for the smiles we get when children use those words.

One Sparkie was thoughtfully explaining sin to his leader: “It’s hard to stop sinning,” he said seriously, “and it’s hard to stop smoking.”