Being a Leader Your Kids can be Grateful For

Being a Leader Your Kids can be Grateful For

Over the years, we’ve collected thank-you letters from children to their Awana leaders.  In this season of thankfulness, we thought we’d bring them back out to share with you.  Let them serve as a reminder of how to be leaders that kids can be grateful for.  (Even if they never articulate it!)

1. Be a Leader Who…  SHOWS UP

I like that you are always happy to see me and that you are there every week. I wanted to make sure to thank you for being an exceptional Awana leader.” 

-Adreana, Oklahoma

Even the simplest of things like showing up every week, can make a big difference in a child’s life. Knowing that they will walk through the door and get to see you can be the highlight of a kid’s week.



“I like my leaders because they are nice and sweet and funny and smart. They do a good job by helping us with our verses and asking about our lives. Every week they have us sit in a circle and tell something good that happened to us.”

-Hannah, New Mexico

Every kid is different. Are you a leader who knows each of your kids individually?  For some kids, you might be the only adult who shows any interest in their life. So ask questions, remember details, follow up on previous conversations… these things will let the kids know that you care.


3. Be a Leader Who… HELPS KIDS SUCCEED

“Thank you for being my T&T leader. I like how you don’t rush to make us say it again. You give us a chance. I also like how you give us all time to do our projects and always push us to do our best. I love how nice and caring you are to us all. I wish you could be my leader forever.”

-Anna, Tennessee

Patience goes a long way when working with children. Encouragement, teamwork and guidance can make a daunting task seem doable to them. Whether it’s learning verses or sitting still during Large Group Time, your kids often need your help. Kids will be grateful if they know that you are on their team.


4. Be a Leader Who… PRAYS FOR THE KIDS

“{My leader} always prays before Handbook Time. He means a lot to me because he prays for the whole group and it makes me happy.”

-Dylan, Minnesota

Believe it or not, this matters to kids! They listen. They pay attention. When you use their names in your prayers, they notice! Some of the kids you serve might not have experienced anyone praying for them before. I once had a student come to me 10 years later and tell me that the only thing she remembered about church was that I prayed for her. Prayer is powerful thing!


We say THANK YOU on behalf of the children and youth that you serve!