Meet Connor: He Loves Reaching Kids Too

Meet Connor: He Loves Reaching Kids Too

This is Connor.

Connor and his family live in Montana and they LOVE going to Awana every week. Last year, Connor and his brother Edward told us all about their club’s Verse-a-Thon event – check out their story!

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Verse-a-thon is an awesome way to help kids like Connor and Edward put their faith into action and reach other kids around the world. Never heard of Verse-a-thon? It’s easy! Children ask family and friends to sponsor them to recite Bible verses. In one big Verse-a-thon night, kids recite all the Bible verses they know by heart, and the money they raise from their sponsors goes to reaching kids around the world with the gospel! It’s kids reaching kids – what could be cooler than that?

Last year, Connor recited 60 verses and raised $260 to reach kids in Indonesia! That means 26 more kids were able attend an Awana club in their own community—they now get to play games, hear bible stories, and be discipled by a caring adult every week!

This year Connor had a new goal: recite 100 verses…and hopefully beat his big brother Edward! Connor worked hard all year to memorize verses from his handbooks. He found family and friends who would sponsor him and help him raise more money and reach even more kids this year! Before his Verse-a-Thon event, Connor reviewed his handbooks and made sure he had every verse memorized.

On the night of the big event, leaders listened to Connor recite verse after verse. They were amazed by Connor’s love for memorizing Scripture. By the end, Connor had blown his goal out of the water—he recited 261 verses from memory! That’s over 4 times as many verses he said last year!

Connor, his brother Edward, and little sister Rita collectively raised almost $2000. Together as a family, they were able to make a difference in the lives of 200 kids around the world—what an incredible impact!

Are you interested in making a difference around the world? Your club can reach kids with the gospel by hosting your own Verse-a-Thon—it’s easy and FREE! Go to for more information and to download all the resources you’ll need.

If you’d like to hear more stories like Connor’s, go to and discover how kids are making a difference in their own communities and around the world.


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