Small Changes. Big Results.

If you are a reader of our ETL (Equip to Lead) newsletter, you might have seen the short article I wrote about my doorknob. (If you aren’t a reader of ETL, you can subscribe on the landing page. Look toward the bottom and you will see a box with the headline “subscribe to newsletters.” You can click on that and you will see Equip to Lead listed.)

Back to the doorknob. See, every time I opened the closet door of my home office, the doorknob would fall off and roll under the couch or a bookcase or across the floor. Very annoying. I would find it. Pick it up and put it back in the door and once again tighten the screw. Which would work – until the next time I opened the door. The truth is, the threads were worn down and no amount of tightening would hold the knob in place.

And this went on … for years. I knew I should fix it, but so many other things were more of a priority. Doorknobs just weren’t on top of my list. In fact, they weren’t even on the list.

Then, while Christmas shopping this past December, I happened to notice a display of decorative doorknobs. I bought one, took it home and within five minutes had it firmly in place.

Four dollars. Five minutes.

Immediately I thought about ministry and those little changes that have been in our subconscious for months (maybe years), that we don’t get around to doing.

Which we could do … in just a few minutes.

*Buy a new supply of crayons for the preschool room.

*Change the posters that have been up on the wall since 2007.

*Clean off the classroom door that is covered with fingerprints and splotches of fingerpaint.

*Redo the registration form, adding a line for phone number (because you forgot it last time around and wish you hadn’t.)

*Order a few extra books because you know you’ll need them in a month or so and won’t have to do it at the last minute.

*Get a supply of post-it notes and pens by the registration table – where you always need them, but never have paper/pen handy.

*Brush the spiderweb out of that super high corner.

*Make out a parents’ sign-in sheet (which you’ve wanted to do for months).

*Order some new bean bags before ALL the beans leak out.

*Put a supply of Sunday worship folders/bulletins where non-churched parents can pick one up.

Yes, those little changes can make your room look brighter, your church more welcoming, your leaders just a little more organized.

What little changes can you make that will make a big difference?