Stretch Your Church’s Global Reach with Awana GO

Stretch Your Church’s Global Reach with Awana GO

Do you dream of every child and family connected to your church being able to serve the world for Christ? It would be amazing if they could all travel to another country, minister alongside a local church, and develop friendships with kids and parents from another culture. These kinds of firsthand experiences are amazing, but not everyone gets the opportunity. You’ll be glad to hear, that’s where free resources like Awana GO can step in.

Awana GO equips leaders to connect kids to God’s heart for the world in fun and meaningful ways.

If you haven’t looked into this growing library of complimentary missions tools for your Awana club, now is the time to check it out. You can stretch the global heart of your children, youth, families, leaders, and entire church by infusing Awana GO into your ministry.

Your church is probably partnering with a ministry in another part of the world. Given that Awana is currently equipping leaders and reaching kids in over 117 countries, it’s likely that your church is already connected in an area where Awana is in action every week. Awana GO is designed to support the global initiatives in your congregation by:

  • Teaching kids to know God’s mission and their role in it
  • Connecting with Awana kids and ministry around the world
  • Empowering kids to reach kids and make an eternal impact

The Awana GO Resources page is filled with free missions tools for your leaders, church, and families, including lesson plans, GO Pray videos by country, and much more. A variety of promotional materials are provided and you can sign up to receive a bi-monthly newsletter filled with encouraging stories and ideas to strengthen Awana GO in your church and homes. You can download a sample lesson from the Awana GO website or by clicking here.

If you decide you’d like your church or Awana club to participate in Awana GO, all you need to do is sign up online. You’ll get access to all the Awana GO resources for no cost to your church. We simply want to support and strengthen your ministry here and around the world. We believe that Awana GO can help make that happen.

In addition to Awana GO, you’ll also receive access to Awana Missions Month materials. Many churches and clubs set aside February for this, but you can choose any month that works best for your ministry. You can stretch your church all year long with Awana GO, or focus on one month by jumping onboard with Awana’s annual Missions Month.

Ready to Stretch Your Church with Awana GO?

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  • Learn more about Awana Missions Month (click here)

  • Visit the Awana GO Pray video library online (click here)

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