Talk Now. And Later

Awana equips leaders.
And that’s you.

Consequently, we’re always looking for solid resources to build into you and your ministry. Every KidMin leader – whether you serve regularly in Awana or not – deserves to know when an incredible resource comes out.

Brian Dollar has become a friend of Awana in recent months. And it’s really no surprise to me. Everything that Brian is about resonates pretty deeply with Awana: A huge love for Jesus and His church, a firm commitment to scripture, and an enormous heart for kids.

I wanted to introduce you to Brian’s latest book: Talk Now and Later.

It’s built on an idea that every parent already knows: Conversation is critical to our kids’ spiritual development. But – if you’re anything like me – moving conversation from theory to practice takes work. Work for which I often feel ill-equipped. That’s where Brian steps in.

Here’s what you need to know about this incredible resource:
No. It’s not published by Awana. And that’s okay.
No. We don’t get a penny from the sales. Also okay.
Yes. You should read it. Soon.
Yes. You should buy copies to give away. It’s that good.
Yes. You should surprise every parent you know with a copy.

Just a sample of the subjects Brian takes on:

Death and Tragedy
Making Wise Choices
Broken Relationships

Whoa is right.

I love my kids.
I want them to grow in their love for Jesus.
But those issues are the biggies.
Issues they’re already walking into.
And they kinda scare me.

A strange thing happened when I read this book: I found myself feeling “not-so-alone” in these issues. Someone’s been down this path. And – thankfully – it’s someone I can trust who brought Jesus with him. Brian addresses what kids need to know with courage and wisdom, noting that natural conversation with parents is where these issues tend to be raised.

If you’re a parent looking for a good resource to add to your library, I can’t recommend this enough. This is a book you’ll want to read and then keep close on the shelf for years to come.