Time Out? What About Time In?

Time Out? What About Time In?

Any book, speech. seminar or DVD on discipline talks about giving children Time Outs for misbehavior. Most of us agree that a Time Out administered in a firm, but loving way can be an effective method of child training.

But this post is not about Time Outs. This post is about Time Ins.

What is a Time In? A few moments when we take our child aside to praise him, talk with him or simply say, “Have I told you how much I love you?”  The key to a Time In is a few moments of  eye-to-eye, one-on-one time with no siblings, cellphones or television vying for attention. Time Ins are moments when the child understands that it’s just me and Dad here or just me and Mom.  Of course, we should all have regular one-on-one time with our kids when we go out to eat or take a walk – but Time Ins are “stolen” moments in the midst of an otherwise busy day. A few moments to let your child/teen know that you’re thinking about her.

To give you some ideas …

*Mom told me you entertained your little sister and brother today so she wasn’t interrupted when she talked on the phone with the insurance man. I want you to know that we appreciate it. We’re proud of you for acting responsibly.

*You mentioned on the way home from church today that your teacher’s lesson was funny. Can you tell me more about it?

*How’s it going at school? You mentioned last week that your science teacher talked about evolution. Has he said anything more? Is there any area of science that you and I could study that would help you understand why we believe God created the earth? (Don’t be intimidated by this – there are a lot of books, DVDs and websites that can help you.)

*Good job at the game this afternoon.  All those hours of playing catch are paying off!

*Just checking in. I know changing schools this year has been hard.How’s it going? I’m here to help. In fact, why don’t we pray right now that the Lord will give you the courage to talk to some of the kids in your new classroom.

*Wow! It’s December and you’re halfway through your Awana book. Great job!  Keep going. Learning God’s Word is the most important thing you could ever, ever, ever put in your brain.

*Have I told you what a privilege it is to be your parent? Every day I thank the Lord for you.

How about it?

Why not have a Time In today?