12 Calendar-Based Themes

12 Calendar-Based Themes

Now’s the time to plan your fall calendar. Here are 12 calendar-based theme nights. (Yes, these are all official, or maybe semi-official holidays.) Some may need preparation – so why not start them now?

September (first Sunday after Labor Day)– National Grandparent Day. (Invite  grandparents to club – they’ll enjoy coming, the kids will be happy and you might get a new leader or two!)

September 22nd – Hobbit Day (Did you know that J.R. Toiken was a big influence on C.S. Lewis turning from atheism to Christianity?)

October 16th – Dictionary Day (Noah Webster is considered the father of the dictionary – he felt education useless without the Bible.)

November 23rd – Eat a Cranberry Day – (Did you know cranberries were named after sandhill cranes? Wait – it’s the other way around! Because cranberry blossoms look like sandhill cranes, they were named cran-berries.)

December 9th – Christmas Card Day – (Not as many cards sent as there were at one time – but why not have the kids make cards for the church staff, the maintenance crew who clean up after Awana each week, missionaries, etc.?)

January 4th – National Trivia Day (How about a Bible trivia tournament? Or a T&T Handbook Trivia Tournament?)

January 31 – Backwards Day (What better day to do a backwards theme? Dress backwards, plan a backwards schedule, write backwards.)

February 11th – Make a Friend Day (Plan a Bring-a-Friend theme, pair up kids who don’t usually hang together, play games that require two kids to work together.)

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day (Not that unusual – but did you know that Patrick was actually British and he went to Ireland as a Christian missionary, spreading the gospel? Do some research and share the real story of Patrick with your kids.)

March 26th – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (Ask the kids to plan their own special day. What would they celebrate? What would they do? What would they eat?)

April 10th – National Siblings Day (Do something to honor siblings … or since this is probably near the end of your club year, why not have younger siblings visit club – especially those who would be in the club in the fall?)

April 26th – National Pretzel Day (Pretzels represent children folding their hands in prayer and were first created in 610 A.D. as a prize for kids who learned Scripture.)

Have fun. Be creative!