Early Thanksgiving Ideas! Why Wait to Celebrate?

Early Thanksgiving Ideas! Why Wait to Celebrate?

As Christians, our gratitude is an offering to God and a source of encouragement for others. Let’s make Thanksgiving a month-long celebration filled with acts of kindness, Awana gifts and more surprises!

How Many Ways Can You Say “Thanks”?

  1. Leave a thank-you message on your church sign for neighbors who contributed to Awana GO or other fundraisers this year.

  2. Hold a special worship night during Large Group Time and thank God for His faithfulness.

  3. Highlight a group each day on your church’s Facebook page. Show appreciation for student Awana leaders, ministry van drivers, pastors, maintenance staff and more.

  4. Visit other churches or community centers that have helped you with an outreach event or food drive. Say “Thanks” with a card or gift.

  5. Create a list of people to thank and split up the names among your ministry team. Have each team member personally reach out to everyone on his or her list.

What other ideas can you dream up? Share them with us on our Facebook page and visit the Awana Store for Thanksgiving gifts!


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